ZF Transmissions

The ZF gearbox has gone through a vast number of reincarnations since the company, ZF, was founded in 1915. The company set their stall out at the very beginning by naming itself Zahnradfabrik  Friedrichshafen, hence ZF, which translates from the German into ‘gearwheel factory’ of Freidrichshafen,.  Although it was initially making parts for airships such as the famous Zeppelins, it quickly transferred to the automobile market in 1919.

Due to the rapid expansion of the automobile market in the last 100 years, coupled with the company’s continuous development of the world renowned ZF gearbox, ZF parts constitute a major percentage of the world’s truck gearboxes.

Not only can you find a ZF gearbox in millions of cars, trucks, buses and coaches, the ZF technological advances mean you will also find ZF parts in rail vehicles, marine propulsion systems and wind turbines. Because of the company’s history of technological advances, ZF parts have a well deserved reputation for enhancing a vehicles fuel economy, reduction of running costs and increasing the comfort of the driver. The combination of intelligent technology, both in the software and the components, creates an environment that actively saves money for the people running their vehicles. This continual striving to give the best possible service is balanced by ZF’s designers ability to win awards for their innovative approach to materials and production techniques that provide customers with high performance ZF parts at a competitive price.