Remanufacture of ZF Transmissions

Remanufacturing is a lot more than just a simple repair of a transmission part. There are times when you may have a remanufactured ZF Ecodrive gearbox and are unsure what this will actually mean for you.

When a ZF Ecodrive repair centre takes your vehicle in for a remanufacture, they will go through a series of processes before they even begin to identify the ZF parts that need replacing or repairing. Initially the ZF gearbox or transmission will be thoroughly cleaned. This involves a complete degreasing of the part as well being cleaned with a high-pressure washer. This cleaning process is always carried out away from the remanufacturing site to ensure that the dirt and grease doesn’t get back into the parts. All the dirt and grease from the ZF gearbox in for repairs, or the transmission, is captured during the cleaning process. Once this process has been completed the ZF part undergoes a thorough testing and measuring and all the ZF parts that are substandard, damaged or do not pass the test for any other reason, are disposed of.

Then trained technicians reassemble the ZF part with new parts where necessary. All new ZF parts  are updated are in accordance with the latest ZF factory technical specifications. Having this kind of attention to details is reassuring, a standard process that all remanufactured ZF parts go through.

If you have been told that a part has been remanufactured, but if there is no evidence that the part has been clean prior to remanufacture, it is unlikely the repairing company has completed the work in accordance with the strict guidelines set by ZF itself. Because ZF is an internationally renowned brand, it doesn’t give approval lightly.

By making sure that the centre undertaking your ZF repairs is approved, you can be assured of the level of professionalism and attention to detail needed to get your vehicle back on the road in a manner that means it will stay on the road for a longer period.