Product Profile: ZF Ecosplit

Video Courtesy of ZF

ZF’s Ecosplit transmission is a powerful transmission system used in a range of heavy commercial vehicles. Loved by truckers, bus drivers, crane operators and earth movers – the Ecosplit transmission transfers power efficiently to where it needs to be in a wide range of commercial vehicles.

This manual transmission comes in either a light or a heavy version. The light, twelve gear step version applies optimum power onto the road with all engine types when travelling. The fully synchronised, sixteen gear step version come sin useful in very large vehicles – particularly in off-road construction vehicles.

Repair engineers recognise the reliability of an Ecosplit transmission from a mile away. And after many years of operation, it has become the ‘classic’ transmission for trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles.

Hardwearing and compact, the aluminium housing minimises excess weight while maximising power output. The perfectly aligned helical teeth optimise power distribution making for a smooth and quiet operation.

The transmission also comes with a pneumatic Servoshift assistance system. This makes gear shifts very responsive. Drivers can shift on a hairline trigger and with the minimum amount of energy expenditure.

If you need any advice about maintenance or repair of a ZF Ecosplit transmission please contact the Ecodrive service team. Call 01204 701 812.