Product profile: ZF AS Tronic mid transmission

Closeup truck drivingFollowing the popularity of our product profiles on the AS-Tronic and the AS-Tronic lite, we thought we would complete the trio and profile the popular AS-Tronic mid transmission as well.

As the name suggests, the AS-Tronic mid is a halfway house between the full and lite versions both in terms of size and output.

It comes with an ‘all-purpose’ remit but is primarily installed in medium-sized trucks and other mid-duty commercial vehicles. It is preferred by coach companies and transit companies because the AS-Tronic mid can handle both the long-haul open throttle and the stop-start shifting of city centres.

It’s also popular for fleet managers who crave flexibility in their delivery schedules and drivers who value a vehicle which goes and goes and goes.

Just like its brothers, the AS-Tronic mid is a safe and economical transmission which keeps both driver and vehicle protected at all times while on the road.

Advantages of the AS-Tronic mid

  • Fully automatic transmission with possibility of switching to manual
  • Quick shifting between 12-step gearbox
  • Comfortable and safe for the driver
  • Less clutch wear from gear grinding

Saves fuel in any driving conditions

The AS-Tronic mid has the same number of gears as the full AS-Tronic (AS-Tronic lite has 6) transmission meaning that power can be applied most efficiently under any driving conditions.

This reduces fuel consumption and relieves some of the pressure on the clutch meaning less overall wear.  Electronic controls reduce driver shifting errors again leading to better fuel consumption and less wear. These electronics work even when the unit is in manual mode.


In our workshop we only really get to see these transmissions when they break down. This is unfortunate because by other accounts the AS-Tronic mid is a popular and reliable transmission system.

In the past we have seen some persistent problems with certain models of the AS-Tronic mid which are quite easy to diagnose and sort out. See more detail below.

AS Tronic mid fixing guide

One persistent problem we’ve seen with certain models in the AS-Tronic mid range is an oil leak out of the air system exhaust (located near or behind the gearbox mounting bracket).

At Ecodrive we have a very quick and easy fix to this which only takes around two hours. We just need to fit a new part and flush the air system. This can be done in our Manchester workshop or at your premises.

Other fixes

Fix an air leak on an AS-Tronic shift actuator.

If you would like more information or a quote on this work then please call a member of the team on 01204 701 812.