New FTA driver app keeps track of hours

Woman holding smartphoneThe Freight Transport Association (FTA) has launched a new app to help drivers get better visibility over their driving hours

Billed as ‘the ultimate App for drivers’ – Driverfta is designed to help drivers take better control over their working patterns and stay compliant with tachnographs and regulations.

The app will help drivers track their ‘shifts’ as cards. They will be able to look at the date and time of their last card upload plus any activity on that upload.

It will also give drivers a broader outlook on their driving patterns. They will be able to track key working times, weekly rest figures and other drivers’ hours information to build up a clearer picture of when their next shift can start.

The FTA claims that this system will give drivers the complete overview of their times, hours and any regulation infringements they incur.

Sam Varrall, FTA Tachnograph product owner was clear about the App’s benefits for drivers: “This enables them to take responsibility of their own hours, assisting them in planning their day more accurately and ensuring they keep within the legal limits.”

Sam continued: “We have listened to the needs our members and after long discussions have worked with them to develop innovative software to save time, money and improve compliance.”

Driver restrictions are in place to help keep roads safe for everybody. This is particularly true on motorways where accidents are often linked to a lack of sleep.

But the rules can be complicated, especially if shifts are split up. And because the regulations impose daily, weekly and two-weekly limits on driving hours the rules can often be difficult for drivers to keep track of where they’re up to.

Working out hours can also be an unnecessary distraction while you’re driving. This app, which is offered free to all FTA members should help make driver hours easier to calculate and give drivers more control over their working patterns.