AS Tronic shift actuator leaking air

The AS Tronic shift actuator can sometimes leak air. However, this can take place in a few places so again, you can help ahead of any works, or unit exchange, by identifying the point from where the leak is emanating.

Have a think about the following:

The four ports just below the pressure regulator, to the side of the bell housing.  When shifting, these ports are used for the air exhaust from the gearbox. And if air is leaking constantly from these ports, then it will be a fault with the shift actuator. We have a video available to help you in this situation – click here.


The pressure regulator is located at the point where the air supply enters the shift. If the pressure regulator is indeed leaking, then it will need replacing.

The gasket can be found midway between the lower and upper half of the shift actuator. If air is escaping here then the gasket may well be broken, in which case you will certainly need to replace it.