Ecodrive’s VOR service praised by Gardner Denver.


Kevan Clarkson, Sales manager for Gardner explains how the fast VOR repair service provided recently by Ecodrive helped in the development of a new truck mounted blower.

“We had noticed that there was a potential problem with a transmission fitted to a vehicle we were using to test a new product, we had a very narrow time window in which to complete the tests before the vehicle  had to be returned. We contacted Ecodrive who sent an engineer to inspect the transmission, following the inspection the Ecodrive engineer removed the transmission on Tuesday morning , it  was taken to Ecodrive’s head office in Manchester and stripped, it was confirmed that there was indeed a potentially serious problem within the transmission, this was rectified by Ecodrive and returned for installation on the following day.”

“It really did make a big difference to Gardner Denver being able to meet our dead-lines. It was a great Service, we were very impressed how quickly Ecodrive  got the box out, repaired it and returned it.”

“Ecodrive are always prepared to go the extra mile to help meet customer  needs, on top of that their R&R work is second to none and their service engineers display  the kind of customer service ethos we demand.”

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