The Ecodrive Repair Process

At Ecodrive, our mission is to keep all of our customers moving. We know how frustrating it can be for stranded drivers, and we understand the commercial implications of any downtime. That’s why we aim to get all repairs carried out as quickly, and cost-effectively as possible.

From breakdown to back on the road: first things first

Cassetta degli attrezziOn first inspection, VOR transmission problems always appear complicated. Sometimes it is tempting to call the service engineers in straight away, however, this is often an unnecessary waste of time and money.

At Ecodrive we run a technical helpline that will at least help point you in the right direction of the fault, and if there is a relatively simple fix then you can get moving again in no time.

Diagnose the transmission problem area

If a simple fix doesn’t work then it’s time to start diagnosing where the fault is. The better you can identify the cause of the problem, the easier and faster it will be for our engineers to fix it.

Ecosplit gearboxes, for example, are made up of three distinct modules – the speed section, the splitter group and the range change group. There are a number of tests that can be performed by the driver to identify which of these modules is the cause of the problem.

These tests can be found in detail in our Trade Secrets driver’s guide. We recommend all drivers download and print this guide for safe keeping.

Mobile service or workshop repair

Once you know the cause of the problem we can start the repair process. In some cases, a roadside repair might be possible. In which case, one of our highly trained mobile service engineers will be dispatched from locations nationwide.

Other times, your transmission unit will have to come into the workshop to be repaired. We will arrange transport to the workshop either in one of our pick-ups or using Palletline Delivery. Many drivers prefer to remove and refit the transmission themselves, but one of our engineers can carry this out for you.

Strip and fix

If the driver can identify the problem area then our team can get straight to work dissecting and repairing the relevant module. If the source of the problem is unclear, then the transmission can go onto our specialist test-rig to help identify the problem.

Standard transmission repair time

Our average fixing time varies from transmission to transmission. For standard 5 speed transmissions we can normally have drivers back up and running in 2-3 days. Whereas for larger 16 speed transmissions the average repair time is closer to 5-6 days.

If you have any other questions about repairs then speak to an engineer on our technical helpline on 01204 701 812