Bus & Coach Transmission Support Service


With the increasing popularity of automatic transmission buses and coaches, come many benefits for fleet operators, not least the fuel efficiency. These automatic gear systems predetermine the gear ratios based on the speed, how many passengers and the conditions, taking away any potential issues that could arise through a driver’s inexperience or lack of skill. Therefore, as well as the fuel efficiency advantage, automatic transmissions can extend the working life of the unit.

Automatic systems also monitor the general transmission performance and we come to rely on this – until the  controls stop working correctly, or find and flag up a fault with the systems. What then?

Although these systems are designed to limit the damage to the bus transmission, a faulty ECU or failure warning still presents a serious problem as it still leaves the task of isolating the problem. When this happens, most engineers roll their sleeves up and start a long-winded series of checks, fluid changes and sometimes the actual transmission removal to pinpoint the fault.

A far simpler solution is to contact us and speak to our experienced ZF engineers.

Mobile and ‘over the phone’ support  for bus and coach operators

Since we rolled out our national service, you can take advantage of Ecodrive technical advice over the phone, with the additional security of having a field service engineer on hand, ready for despatch to your site. Should you require a visit, our engineer  can  quickly locate the fault through our sophisticated diagnostic software, on arrival.

Our highly-skilled team share a huge amount of experience and are ZF trained to quickly pinpoint your exact transmission problem, often being able to administer on-site ZF repairs, including ZF AS Tronic gearbox repairs.

Our service vans arrive fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment and tools, providing you with a top class, quality service and getting your bus or coach back on the road quickly.

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